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Genteknik (GMO) Jordbruksverket

Jordbruksverket hemlighåller information om hälsofarliga GMO-grödor

""All verksamhet med genetiskt modifierade organismer i Sverige är reglerad och ansvaret är uppdelat mellan flera myndigheter. Jordbruksverket har ansvar för landlevande genetiskt modifierade växter och djur samt användning av GMO som foder.""

The World According To Monsanto

"A silent forest"

A Silent Forest

""The largely unknown potential danger to human health and the environmental health of our planet posed by the planned introduction of genetically engineered trees is explored in "Silent Forest." Narrated by Dr. David Suzuki, the film lays out, in compelling detail, the dangers of open-air plantations of these untested man-made trees. And the added problem of intellectual property rights. "A Silent Forest" is a wake-up call to the dangers of genetic engineering of trees and the impact it could have on all of us.""

Boycott Kellogg's!

""Kellogg's Loves GMO Contamination of Organic - Boycott Morningstar Farms, Kashi, Bear Naked, and Gardenburger!

Organic Consumers Association and allies warned Kellogg's, if they used sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets in their foods, they would face a consumer boycott.

Kellogg's responded, claiming that, even though they don't use genetically engineered ingredients in Europe, in the U.S., "consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low."

Now, Kellogg's is telling consumers that they might as well eat their GMO-laced products because, "Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination.""

Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.

"U.S. farmers have adopted genetically engineered (GE) crops widely since their introduction in 1996, notwithstanding uncertainty about consumer acceptance and economic and environmental impacts. Soybeans and cotton genetically engineered with herbicide-tolerant traits have been the most widely and rapidly adopted GE crops in the U.S., followed by insect-resistant cotton and corn. This data product summarizes the extent of adoption of herbicide-tolerant and insect–resistant crops since their introduction in 1996. Three tables devoted to corn, cotton, and soybeans cover the 2000-10 period by State. See more on the extent of adoption…"

Genetically Engineered Rice is a Trojan Horse: Misled by Bill Gates and Monsanto

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has approved $20 million in new monies toward the development of "golden rice" -- an untested, highly controversial GE (genetically engineered) crop that threatens biodiversity and risks bringing economic and ecological disaster to Asia's farms.

The leader of the Golden Rice project is Gerald Barry, previously director of research at Monsanto.

""Sarojeni V. Rengam, executive director of Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), has called the rice a "Trojan horse." According to Rengam, the rice is "... a public relations stunt pulled by the agri-business corporations to garner acceptance of GE crops and food. The whole idea of GE seeds is to make money.""

Godkända genetiskt modifierade produkter

"Produkter som är godkända för användning som foder men inte för import får endast importeras i bearbetad form, dvs. inte som levande organismer."

Herbicide tolerance and GM crops

Why the world should be Ready to Round Up glyphosate

Publication - June 30, 2011

The widespread and increasingly intensive use of glyphosate in association with the use of GM (genetically modified) crops poses further risks to the environment and human health.

Nyheterna Luleå

Greenpeaceaktivisterna har lämnat gmo-odlaren Mattias Laitamaa i Vojakkala , men nu ställs han inför nya protester från andra lantbrukare i området. Kravbonden Carin Kerttu står bakom den gemensamma skrivelsen som… odlarna lämnat över till Laitamaa och menar att gmo-odlingarna ger tornedalen ett dåligt rykte

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